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Current Form...

Unbelievable Jeff

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Season is not over..... but.


FA Cup... :)


Now that's worth going for.


FA cup will make or break our season, however premier league is also worth £1 million per place.


8th place (still the target) would reward over £10miliion while 14th (our worst case imho) would only give us around £5m

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Delighted with the cup run - really hope we can go all the way. Another home/championship tie would be a big help (please god)


Hoping this helps our league form a bit... Only 2 wins in the last 11 :(


A win Tuesday and I will be delighted




COYR yeti-002.gif


I like the way you go further and further back through the form table to make our situation look worse. A while ago it was only the last six games you pointed out, now the last eleven? If we win our next four games you'll still be here pointing out that we've only won six from fifteen.

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