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Positions needed?

Saint Charlie

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Assume we end up having lost the following: Lambert, Shaw, Lallana, Lovren, Chambers, Morgan and Jay.


How many signings do we need and which positions?


For me it would be:





CB x 2





Is this how others see it?


That's 8 and to be honest you could say two strikers. Any departures on top ie Fonte or Clyne would add to the tally obviously.


34 days left in window so we need a signing every 4 days or so. Or to get them for start of the season pretty much one every two days.


Should be fine because we have a good scouting department and Reed said end of May/early June that we were moving in on targets so should just be a case of wrapping them up now.

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We need a RB, and 2 CB's...but we could be clever and get a key CB, and then also a CB who can cover RB.


We need a LB.


We need a GK


We need a CM


We need a Striker, probably 2.


2 wide players


We're not going to get all of those, so I'd say we're up the creek.

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Squad from last season less players who're leaving/left plus new signings....



GK: Boruc, Davis, Gazza,


Clyne, Fonte, Yoshi, Hooiveld,


Wanyama, Cork, Davis, JWP, Reed,


Gaston, Tadic


Pelle, Gallagher



What a pathetically weak squad. You could also argue Clyne will go, and then 6 of those 16 aren't good enough... :scared:

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Bare minimum? Replacements for every player that left.


(And even with the best team I've ever seen us have last season -- We didn't have much depth!)


Oh, and we need pretty much all of our signings that we do make to be brilliant.


PS - to make matters even worse today, de Vrij & Kongolo are both no go's.

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