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Who IS staying?


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Super Kelv, Hooiveld.


Squad could easily be this plus any players we buy. And that is if Fonte, Cork, Wanyama and JWP all stay. Obviously Harry Reed was also linked to Man Utd so wouldn't be surprised if he left too!


Boruc, Davis, Gazza


Hooiveld, Yoshi, Fonte, Targett


Cork, Wanyama, Davis, JWP, Reed, McQueen, Tadic, Isgrove


Pelle, Gallagher


Bolds have arguably already proved they're out of their depth in this league, and italics are unknowns in this league many of which are youngsters, gives us probably 6 players who are proven good enough.....it's very worrying.

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Mass hysteria! Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Dogs and cats, living together!


Alright we've sold all the good players but I see no reason to think we can't hang on to the sh*t ones :thumbup:

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In KL have we got another Vincent Tan type owner?


What I mean by that is does she think because we've got Sam Gallagher, it's ok to sell lambert? And because we've got other defenders and other midfielders it must be ok to sell Shaw Lallana Chambers and Lovren right?

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Bored of all the leaving threads. Want to know if anyone confirmed that they are staying?


I am presuming Harrison Reed, McQueen, Pelle and Tadic.


Anyone else?



Seeing as it's clear that all our players are for sale If the right offer comes in , then no players are ' confirmed ' staying

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While I'm not one for kneejerk bedwetting, it has reached a point where we are obviously now willing to sell anyone.

Though the nagging worries are controlled a little by the stupid money banked.


But whatever Les Reed says, we are clearly a selling club and currently everyone has their price.

So this summer is a great opportunity for the likes of United to bolster their academy by taking three or four unproven youngsters nice and cheap.



So please Les, halt my rising panic by GOING OUT AND BUYING SOME FRICKING PLAYERS ASAP!!!



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