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From Claude Puel to Clod Pooel in 1 year?

Singapore Saint

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Assuming Puel is going to be our next manager, I'm filled with dejection!


Not because I think he won't be a good manager, but because if he does well for us, he'll likely take over from Arsene Wenger (he's Wenger's protégé) when Wenger's contract runs out at Arsenal in a year's time.


And if Puel does badly for us i.e. does a 'Remi Garde' (another Wenger protégé), we'll want him out anyway.


Either way, we lose!


We've had our highest Premier League finish yet I'm depressed and worried about our great club. Help!

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I hope he does get the Arsenal job as that will mean we have had another fantastic season!


The summer nobody come knocking for our players and manager is the summer we need to worry!


The summer 'top' clubs come knocking for our players, but they all want to stay here and 'do a Vardy', will be the summer when we don't need to worry. In fact that will be a summer to savour as it will signify a significant change in club status. It will signify that we are... winning silverware, pushing for Europe every season, filling an expanded ground, seeing significant overseas marketing exposure, achieving stability in management, able to match salary expectations, etc. etc.

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