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Kaiser Soze

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5 minutes ago, Kaiser Soze said:

Is this still a thing?

if so Ralph surely has a shot. 4 wins and a draw from games which include Man Utd & Spurs away. 

I’ve been one of his biggest critics but credit where it’s due.

Only PL games count I am pretty sure, so 3 wins and a draw.

Klopp has a 100% record though with 4 wins.

Howe I think also has 3 wins and a draw but compared to our fixtures then Ralph should get it over him.

I can't remember how the selection works, and who votes etc or because if it is a popularity contest Klopp would win.

It would be nice to win it - there is another funny record we have I think with Ralph - Saints are the only team to ever win manager of the month in July 😎

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2 hours ago, nta786 said:

Everyone, Ralph has been nominated alongside Howe, Klopp and Arteta.

Please vote here: https://www.premierleague.com/news/2509232

It might make a difference, as the fans' vote will be combined with those of a panel of football experts to decide the winner, who will be revealed next week.

(a) what's the point of putting this to a fans vote? All that does is prove which club has the most fans rather than who was the 'best' manager for the month, surely?
(b) in true Saintsweb tradition, vote multiple times by deleting premierleague.com cookies each time.... 

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On 28/02/2022 at 20:59, Noodles34 said:

Remember when Chris Nichol won it in 89 and then . Had a run of winless games forever 

I also remember Saggy chops won it for March in 2005, and everyone was convinced we had turned the corner and would stay up.

We then went and got one point out of a possible 15 in April, and we all know how it ended.

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