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  1. Terrible, terrible game of football. Take those 3 points though...
  2. Djenepo please take someone on in the second half lad
  3. I want a decent rumour to get excited about. We need a midfielder in please
  4. sammysaint93

    20/21 Kit

    https://twitter.com/thefootballsc/status/1280794757707563008?s=21 The power of the sponsorship logo, I think it looks lovely with the Draper Tools logo...
  5. Villa were so so bad. Good 3pts in the end for us, only looking up now
  6. Austin tweeting about people saying stuff without any remorse and then 5 minutes later slags off the whole Southampton fan base and calls someone a c*nt. Strange bloke.
  7. Very bizarre that you’re happy to admit you bet against your own team. Will never understand why people do this and openly post it on here
  8. We’ve got some really good fixtures coming up now where would could rack some points together. Today is pointless, this Liverpool team are a joke. Thought we did well first half and 4-0 was a bit harsh. I’m not down beat about it, forget about it and move on to some winnable games.
  9. Would you not have done the same as him? I know I would have. Yes he could have gone about in a better way but you can’t really blame him for wanting to move.
  10. You must be buzzing every time we lose, because every time we do lose you post about your insurance bet you’ve put on, very weird behaviour betting against your own team and never actually proving it
  11. Great day out for the Wolves fans. You shouldn’t give up a 2 goal lead against any team at home. I think Wolves are a very good team and I’d have taken a point from today all day long, I hope this doesn’t dent their confidence in any way.
  12. Without doubt the most satisfying result of the season for me after the 9-0. We have tuned into a proper team, fair play to Ralph. Ings and VAR fighting it out for player of the year.
  13. The Palace one has annoyed me, I work in London so any away game in London is perfect for me. No idea why we took such a small allocation because I’ve missed out and I’m sure there are many others who have too. Our away following is generally brilliant so the club need to realise there is more of a demand than they are currently supplying.
  14. So we are winning the FA Cup and also becoming RB Saints?
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