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League 1 Minus 10 - blog

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Boo - gutted my Markus money shirt wasn't in there :) Good vid though none-the-less





very good, trouble is - that thread is ****ing huge and I missed this one. I try and keep up with it but it's impossible. I'll do a version 2 if people want to post the pics on here + I'll stick some credits on there.


There was also a good one of a baby having a **** on their proposed new ground and I couldn't find that one.

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do you even blog on the games you don't go to?


will you rename the blog next season?


as a rule I only go to weekend home games - there's a lot more waffle and rambling in the reports of the games I don't go to. Obviously I see some on TV or listen to the radio commentary. Others (like the recent Wycombe away) game, I don't hear a thing until the final score....


Nah, keep the name I reckon as that was the starting point. When we win the champions League it'll be a ncie reminder of where we started under Markus / Nicola.


I may start a Pompey one next yeat called "Blue Square South Minus 25":smt059

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