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Holiday fred


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Sorry, just pulling your leg.


Can't be arsed to go abroad this year so I'm going to do long weekends seeing family in Birmingham and just generally having the odd day off. Nothing better than 3 or 4 day weeks.


Planning a trip to the Dam next year & possibly 2 weeks in Gran Canaria.

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Possibly off for a cheap week abroad in Sept or a week at Centre Parks instead. Off snowboarding/Skiing with the family over my bday and new year in Canada (paid for by my parents - get in!). Off to Australia in March for one of my best mates wedding as he emigrated out there a few years ago. Im getting married next year too so will have the honeymoon - yet to book and havent got a clue where to go. ALong with my stag do and one of my other best mates stag do's who I am best man for. We are thinking of having 3 stag do's between us. A shared one somewhere like Ibiza or Magaluf, possibly even going as far as Las Vegas, then we each have a weeekend closer to home like Cardiff or Newcastle.


What with the £5 membership im gonna be broke!

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The ardenne in Belgium in 4 weeks (yes Same time as Michelle, no, not together!), Sweden in Oct, Munich in Nov, Belgium again in Dec, Italy in Jan.


ps. thanks for all your money, JOKE


You told me that money was paying for my GP tickets!


Bloody admin... :(

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Going to the Ukraine on sunday for 3 weeks, can't wait.


I'm sure you will enjoy it. I have recently returned from a 3 week holiday in the Ukraine, and it was great!


I was based near Kazantip in Eastern Crimea, on the southern shore of the Azov Sea.


The Azov is far better than the Black Sea, it has sandy beaches (as opposed to stones on the majority of the Black Sea ones) and is a lot warmer than its bigger neighbour.


For the first week I was there, without any exaggeration, there were at least 10 females to every male there - both on the beach and in the bars/clubs. And around a half of them were very nice indeed (just a pity I was with the wife ;-)) By the third week this ratio had come down to 5:1 as more families had arrived.


Beer (average 50p a pint) and food (3 of us could go out for dinner for less than 15 quid) were very cheap.


The best thing though is that I did not meet, see or hear anyone who was not Ukrainian, Russian or Belorussian. In other words: no chavs,

p!ssed up Brits, sunbed-hogging Germans, arrogant French, etc, etc, etc.


I will almost certainly be going back there again next year!


Oh, and my second holiday this year will a week in Eastleigh at the end of September. Exciting eh!? At least I will be able to go to the Norwich game!!

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