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Greetings my fellow soccerball saints supporters. I understand that many of you may now be asking yourselves a few serious questions. And you are right in doing so, so I feel my friends that I am duty bound to speak to you proactively and explain why we have been involved in transactions with players. I should add that these transactions are being done proactively. Let me explain. Proactive transactions used be known as active transactions, and before that simply transactions, but now they are carried out proactively which mean they are on our terms. So let's talk about our recent proactive transaction, that of the sale of our veteran international strike force ball scorer. As you know we owe him a great deal as the mighty saints surged forward to a path of glory from the depths of the minor leagues with the desire to win the Stanley cup. Unfortunately, as you know, he was involved in an altracation with our Spanish defensive centre Fontelanardo. This can't be tolerated and so to get $4million for Ricardo Lamberto, the 43 year old Italian international is a pretty great result for the mighty saints. As you know, I am just a Hockey guy who talks like a c***, so I am hoping I got all that right. But rest assured, everyone at the club is doing everything we can to ensure we are as competitive as possible in whatever division we play in. Remember, progress is not simply about goals and wins and getting points, it's about more than that, it's about our values, the saints values that we are all 100% committed to. Yer darn tootin!

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Lordy. That was, well, an interesting piece.


Keep up the good work *cough*


Fair cop... Thankfully I have enough self awareness to recognise a fail. Will hold my hands up and apologise for the failed attempt to lighten the depressing day.


Sadly CB FRy seems to lack any self awareness of just how unpleasant a 'character' he is. His family must be so proud that he manages to stoop so low....

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