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Who is going to be released


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Horrible time at end of season, players will be released. i think these will be released;










Gazza - will go out on loan.

Gardos - back in contention for a squad place after long injury, unlikely to move now.

Davis - unlikely to get a contract extension aged 40.....we need a good, international No.2 good enough to cover Forster.


The rest ?..those who are " too old " for the U21 set-up will go out on loan. Perhaps only Turnbull and Isgrove are anywhere near a permanent move away.

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From posts #10 and #12 from the thread linked above...



Maarten Stekelenburg (loan expires)

Kelvin Davis

Will Britt

Joshua Debayo

Jake Flannigan

Gastón Ramírez

Marcus Barnes


2nd year scholars 2015-16

Jake Hallett

Richard Bakary

Kyle Clinton

Ollie Cook

Alfie Jones

Joe Lea

Stuart Wilkin

Olufela Olomola

Carel Kayembe


Personally I think we'll release Kelvin, sign Stekelenburg on a permanent deal, release Gaston, and because I haven't watched the U21s for ages I don't really care what we do with the rest of them at this stage - I hope we keep the good ones.

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