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The bloke I cannot stand is Kyle Walker who is so average it is unreal. I have never rated him and as far as I'm concerned, no International team will ever win anything while he is in the team. Everyone thinks because he plays for Man City and runs as fast as Dwayne Chambers on drugs that he's a great player but his positional sense is appalling and he is just so arrogant that he continues to lose the ball by being so casual and thinking he is Franz Beckenbauer.


Man City should get him out and replace him with Van Bissaka who is already a better defender than Walker will ever be and they would be even better than they are now. As for Holland, if they can find a quality striker, they are a good bet for the Euros as their two centre halves and midfield are quality.

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England's midfield is awful, I wouldn't swap any that played last night for Jwp, Hojbjerg or Romeu.How Delph started that match over Jwp I'll never know Southgate fudged it right up last night by thinking a team of players who half of them hardly play for their clubs could get us to the final while resting 7 players who had just played in the premier club final in Europe!

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