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Pick one to ****


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Explains why your still a virgin!


Let me introduce to you the opposite sex...


Women of the world, Saintandy666, Saintandy666 women of the world.


Knock yourself out



I'm 15, I just don't see the need just yet. I am very comfortable with what females look like thankyou very much. It's only sex I havn't done.

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Canny understand that.


Its like licking your food but never eating it?


You will wonder why you did not start earlier when you evenually split the wiskers


It's just the way it is for most people where I live that are my age. Sure, getting naked, fingering, tossing off, whatever you want, but sex is something totally different.

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Not sure if it's relevant, but # 5 looks awfully like the chick my chick ****ged for me as a birthday present in Bangkok last year while I chilled with a bottle of Singha and a phone camera.


That one was a deffo chick btw


and no, I ain't posting the clip. I value my nuts and look forward to this year's trip with a proper camera....


evil smiley thingy

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