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  1. The deduction might mean that Forest might try to strengthen via the loan market though....
  2. I think -10 will send them down. If they have managed to get 10 more points than the bottom 3 in 2/3 of a season you would ordinarily expect them to finish 5 points above them by the end. Add in the injuries, players possibly being loaned out etc. it will probably send them down. Crystal Palace had -10 a few years ago and were higher up the league. They only managed to stay up on the last day.
  3. The phones are going to be busy trying to loan people out. Even if they get a club to pitch in only 3K of Kitson's wages it is 3K less to find. The key thing is what the FL does. Minus 10 and they still have a chance, minus 20 and it will be absolute slash and burn as they will, effectively, be already relegated.
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