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  1. I agree, his performances this season fall into the "shows lots of promise" category. He hasn't done anything daft, and is working for the team, so hopefully he can make a step up.
  2. So, 6 postal days before one of the most popular fixtures, and the first one at home after lockdown, they eventually take action with a notice after the fans have been complaining (quite legitimately) for several days prior to that. The statement is mealy mouthed, and as far as I am concerned, insincere, they have virtually been forced to tell us what is going on. Whoever is making these decisions clearly is not earning their wages in a professional manner. They managed to request both parts of the season ticket renewals by email and website before the ticketing system was able to carry out th
  3. The problem is, the club keep pretending to be family and fans oriented, but actually, they are treating them more and more like 3rd party customers. They may get a shock over season card renewals (I hope not) - not from me, but there will be plenty who will have concluded there are better things to do with their time over the past year.
  4. If you like chewing on recycled shite.
  5. Whew, I was wondering who the one person was.
  6. 12th not likely, Newcastle have Fulham and Sheffield Utd to play, and whilst Wilson is injured, St Maximin and Willock should see them off. Frankly, I'll be gobsmacked if we get 6 more points, I'll be very pleased if we got 2.
  7. I agree, unbelievable that two "expert" referees have found a way to make that acceptable.
  8. He just wants to get a goal, no harm in that.
  9. What are the economic variables that affect how older players at the end of their contract may consider? Anyone on here know for sure, rather than guessing like me? Obviously there are wider issues to consider, players may be settled, like the club, even plan to be involved in a non playing role. Or maybe, a couple of years in sunnier climes and the excitement of living and playing overseas may be a big attraction. But economically, whilst they may have a fair bit of wealth stashed away, they know that their income stream is going to change radically in a year or two. So getting a three y
  10. 😯 Mick is the non-flamboyant version of Big Sam. Has an initial positive impact then the swoop to hell.
  11. The other side of the coin is that we can pick up players like Tella.
  12. Ings is usually a slow starter coming back from injury, so I don't expect any fireworks, but would be very happy if he gets a brace.
  13. With another 28 games, he could add a FA Cup trophy as well.
  14. I think that the almost total absence of any rumours surrounding a transfer suggest that the value is a lot less than being touted by the optimists.
  15. I agree, the Bournemouth defence was shocking really, slow and frequently caught out of position. In fact, they looked like ours on a bad day. Not to detract from the long awaited performance from redmond though.
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