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  1. As much as i like banter with you skates I hope the fans are not hurt but the people who actually instigasted any wrong doing.Sadly HR and Storrie will just take their money and run as always leaving the fans to pick up the pieces.
  2. http://www.saintsweb.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=4319, you ought to read Crouchies Lawyers post it is amusing. Egg on the face eh. Lol
  3. it was like we did and whilst I was there when we beat Man u , the memories of that day are more vivid. No doubt you have happy memories when you won obscure games and no doubt when you beat us 1-0 at FP, (the first time in my life I had seen saints lose to you in a competitive match)it meant a lot to you. You dont have to go and win a competition to enjoy the moment. Ho of course enjoyed the cup final as he's a johnny come lately and would find that special. Beating your local rivals in the last minute of a cup game in front of 36000 at their ground and seeing them sick as parrots, especially
  4. that doesnt worry me. I have had more ups than downs when facing them, and the wins are all the more sweeter. Never will it be better than the last minute winner in the FAcup , what a day. It was the moment that still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end. What was it 9000 saints fans enjoying the day.
  5. http://www.saintsweb.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=4319 Crouchies lawyers one is good Lol
  6. thats why Ho hasnt been on, he keeps having to press redial to Pompey ticket office. Lol
  7. yep sean Davis, Diarra, Sol we are talking 2 seasons ago I assume
  8. and their s/t's are about 700. Lol
  9. If you listen to their fans they are surplus to requirements and they wont miss them Lol. They were even saying last season Sol was no good Lol
  10. they are johnny come latelys. Only morons would think that they would have trouble paying the money back....oh They bought their success and although very fortunate did win the FA cup.Now it is payback time
  11. can you move the sing Johnny Hartson 1 as well?
  12. Lol, and a severe case of it as well
  13. you're all wishing for too much.Accept their takeover will happen, Ho and co will come back and rub your noses in it when it does. If it does fall through we can show our sympathy.
  14. Good, it will be good to hear your comments during the game
  15. ooooops. Are you coming back to your old seat this season?
  16. Daren I agree but the mods have the power to move it to the lounge not me.
  17. ?????????? weird, Im very generous if thats what you mean.
  18. to be fair the fans dont gve a toss what Gaydamek gets, it will mean nothing to them if he has to pay to sell it to the Dr. It is how much he is prepared/able to spend once he owns it. It is interesting that Storrie sold it to him as not only the club but the city.Fir a man with an ego he would like that and I suspect he imagines there will be crowds in the streets lauding him.Probably shown a video of them bringing the cup home andi t is dubbed with a picture of the owner being fawned upon.
  19. ohhhhh, of course. Johnson Crouch and Defoe, will not be good enough to get in the team and so leaving to get first team football, at least they will now be able to sign Jermaine Pennant after his loan
  20. FMPR, joking aside who is Heims? I was under the impression when Dr Who came on board he was saying ti was only him alone!
  21. but I thought they were only selling their best players due to a clause in the contracts about going to teams in the top 4
  22. you have to be fair to the blue few though, they have been boycotting their team for decades though in expectati9on of a RL type chairman coming in
  23. Ginge, he probably is a gyno,afterall he wants to oversee a bunch of c####
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