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Jamie Redknapp


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He seemed to be a bit of a "forum darling" when he played for us as I remember,and as someone said further up the thread he did give it his all in trying to keep us up.


In reality I suspect most Saints fans now just have an inbuilt hatred of anything "Redknapp".


Despite his time with us,I still regard him as a smug tosser who will probably be best remembered as an injury prone underachiever and one of the football "spice boys" from the mid90's.

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I thought Redknapp was an excellent player - far better than the likes of Paul Ince and David Batty. The thing that help Redknapp back was his injuries.


He could be as combative as Ince and Batty without the 'guvnor' swagger, he had a fantastic range of passing (unlike the above) and could also a hit a ball as well.



IMHO ;-)


Right, I'm off to pump Louise.

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