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On 04/09/2012 at 15:21, shurlock said:

Im missing something but why are we supposedly offering Del Piero a contract if there's no space left?

Were we ever actually linked with Del Piero or was that a SaintsWeb pipedream?

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55 minutes ago, Dusic said:

If, as usual, they list all the Academy players then maybe we will finally see whether we did sign Jay Rod II or not.

We did!


25 Squad players (*Home grown) 

Adams, Che Sac Everton Fred*
Armstrong, Stuart
Bednarek, Jan
Bertrand, Ryan*
Djenepo, Moussa
Forster, Fraser Gerard*
Ings, Daniel William John*
Johnson, Tyreke Martin*
Latham, Kingsley Finn*
Lewis, Harry Charles John*
Long, Shane Patrick*
McCarthy, Alex Simon*
McQueen, Samuel James*
Redmond, Nathan Daniel Jerome*
Stephens, Jack*
Vestergaard, Jannik
Vidal, Oriol Romeu
Walcott, Theo James*
Walker-Peters, Kyle Leonardus*
Ward-Prowse, James Michael Edward*

U21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Abdul Karim, Mohamed Salisu
Agbontohoma, David Osaretim
Babic, Goran Gogo
Bailey, Samuel James
Beach, Edward James
Bellis, Samuel Lawrence Alexander
Brennan, Sean Anthony
Burnett, Ethan Darren
Bycroft, Jack Thomas
Carson, Matthew
Chauke, Kgaogelo
Davey, Teddy Jay
Defise, Lucas Nsiona K
Diallo, Ibrahima
Edwards, Milan Diamond Lazane
Ferry, William
Finnigan, Ryan James
Hall, Matthew Gary
Jankewitz, Alexandre Tounde Dimitri
Keogh, Seamas
Kpohomouh, Pascal
Ledwidge, Kameron Malcolm
Lillienberg, Gustav Erik
Mitchell, Ramello Dejorn
Morris, James William
Nlundulu, Dan
O'Connor, Thomas James
Obafemi, Michael Oluwadurotimi
Olaigbe, Kazeem Aderemi J.
Olufunwa, Oludare Samuel Araba
Otseh-Taiwo, Zuriel Jonathan
Pambou Makaya, Leon
Payne, Lewis James
Pearce, Luke Edward Andrew
Ramsay, Kayne
Robise, Enzo
Rodriguez Borja, Jeremi Alexander
Ross-Lang, Fedel
Rus, Marco
Scott, Tommy John
Slattery, Callum
Smales Braithwaite, Benjamin
Smallbone, William Anthony Patrick
Smith, Jayden Pharell Llamar Mills
Tchaptchet, Wandja Allan
Tella, Nathan
Tizzard, William James
Tshaka, Kaya Sean
Turner, Jack Henry
Valery, Yan
Vokins, Jake
Watts, Caleb Cassius
Woods, Harvey James
Wright, Oliver Lennon George


So that's 20 players in the "25 man squad" - all as expected, with the 6 on loan players all omitted.  That includes 4 goakeepers.  

And 54 under 21s - including 4 who have been loaned out (Brennan, Bycroft, Hall and O'Connor).  All as expected apart from Rodriguez Borja, Jeremi Alexander.  Never let it be said that the club is conventional in the way it confirms new players!

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Guess he must either be playing for the U16s or be currently injured then as he hasnt been in any of the U18 or U23 squads, and obviously wasnt deemed worthy of a signing announcement.

McQueen there but we have only named 20 so easy to add him. With Latham, Johnson and Lewis in the 20 it shows how they have slimmed the squad down.

Very much a British core in this squad.

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37 minutes ago, Saint Garrett said:

20 players and that includes these who are not going to play...

Johnson, Tyreke Martin*
Latham, Kingsley Finn*
Lewis, Harry Charles John*
McQueen, Samuel James*

It only takes an injury or positive.ovid test for either Lewis or Latham to be on the bench. Good to see the club have remembered that Sam McQueen is still on the books. 

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