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The Press Box - Episode 1 - Next manager discussion

Matthew Le God

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If they did discuss candidates for the job, the club decided they didn't want names being named on official club media and edited it out. It was just more of a general discussion about the club, how attractive a proposition the Saints job is and how disappointed all the journalists were with Koeman.

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From Blackmore's tweet, it sounds like Pellegrini was discussed, but his name doesn't make the final edit. Kind of interesting to watch but nothing groundbreaking.


Gist was:

Ronalds a bastard

attractive proposition for future managers

stronger league next year but we're a good team

away days in europa to look forward to and group stage qualification shows how far the club has come

fans want us to win something, should have won league 1

we'll be playing some premier league teams in the premier league next year

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