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Homophobic Chanting at Watford


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11 minutes ago, tunit said:

From a couple of people in the Watford end I believe. Saw it on The Athletic article. Chanting 'rent boy' towards Tino.

Would be crazy if he was actually a rent boy given the money footballers earn

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42 minutes ago, Saint_clark said:

You mean the age old Chelsea rent boy chant is now an arrestable offence? 


If someone has reported a hate crime or incident to the police then they are duty bound to investigate.

It doesn't have to be the person who the abuse was aimed at that makes the complaint. If the complainant felt they were harassed or caused distress or harm this could be investigated under the Public Order Act. 

See the link below for details.


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9 hours ago, Turkish said:

Pathetic Watford fans not knowing their history! Their own stadium was owned by Benskins Brewery until 2001 when Watford purchased the freehold. They’ve were renting their stadium more recently than Chelsea were!

simon cowell facepalm GIF

Indeed, in fact are WHU the new top tier rent boys?

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