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Early Trip to Brighton?

Guided Missile

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So, in preparation for WWIII, it occurred to me that with Mad Vlad going Tonto, things could get pretty nuclear in the next few weeks. In order to prepare fully for this, I got out my old UK nuclear target map, below.

As you can see, Southampton and Portsmouth are pretty well screwed, but on closer observation, it appears that Brighton looks like it may escape the inferno. Given that we play them at the AMEX on the 23rd April, I think I might mosey on down there a bit early, just in case NATO push their luck. Obviously in the event of a nuclear war, the Premier League will want to fulfil as many fixtures as possible, so the conflagration may mean us playing away for the rest of our home games. At least we will be spared playing at Fratton. Post war, I think the IoW might be a nice place to stay, until the radiation levels reach a simmering rather than roasting level. Still, let's hope it doesn't come to this. I mean, have you spent any time in the IoW?


UK Nuclear Targets.jpg

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