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  1. Think I've moved into the Ralph Out camp. His inability to change tactics or make positive subs is wearing very thin. 😡
  2. Well played Redmond and good finish.
  3. Think we have settled for the 2-1 defeat.
  4. I suppose we will soon forget this result if we beat Brighton on Sunday. A season that was going so well is now turning very painful too often.
  5. We've shown in 5 days how not to play with or against 9 men.
  6. Absolute brilliant performance by all players. Can’t remember feeling that comfortable watching a match since the West Brom game!
  7. Are we confident this is not another Danso? Everybody got pretty excited by that signing as well. Not seen him play but hopefully he is as good as people are hoping.
  8. Why are none of the TV channels showing the Pompey game? I know it's champion league night but come on......
  9. So Pompey fans don't boo their own players? Not sure that Dave Kitson would agree with that.
  10. I think last season there was a team in Hampshire that did not sell any players in the January window, but still went into administration shortly afterwards...
  11. Radio 5 have reported on the 4 o'clock news that the Premier League will be making a statment tomorrow regarding the Portsmouth situation. Not sure if this will be good or bad news.
  12. So it's taken all this time to get 80% done. There must be problems some where along the line. Pinnacle anyone?
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