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Herbie Taylor - Football League Fan of the Year


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Herbie will be well known to many of you, either via Saintslist, or his work at St Mary's as a tireless Tour Guide.


Well Herbie was nominated for the above award, to be decided at a star-studded Football League Awards evening tonight in London... and he won!




A throughly deserved award and I have no doubt many of you will agree!


Well done Herbie!

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Nice one, not made clear by that article but will there be a piece on him in fourfourtwo?


The article was literally only updated a short time ago, live from the event. FourFourTwo sponsor the awards, so there may well be, but I'm sure Herbie will let us know (on SaintsList at least) in due course.

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Only met Herbie the once. I was supporting a group of kids from Belarus on a Stadium tour. What a great ambassador for our club he was.



He took the kids to the club shop at the end of the tour and told them to each choose a shirt from a certain (end of line and training tops iirc) rail. Some of the kids wandered around and grabbed first team replica shirts, I explained to them that they had to choose from the other rails but Herbie came over and told me not to worry, he had a word with the checkout staff and off they all trotted with their brand new first team shirt.


A week later they were guests at the pre-season friendly; a dozen or so new saints supporters from Belarus in their saints shirts. Cheers for sorting that Herbie, a very well deserved plaudit tonight. Top man, a true Saint.

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Every true Football Club has it's real unsung heroes. This event seems to be a a fantastic way of marking their involvement, dedication and importantce


Well done to Herbie for the award, but most of all Respect for all those years of dedication.


Well done, great story

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One Herbie Taylor

There's only one Herbie Taylor




Has to be done imo.


Hope it's a good turn out as Herbie does epitomise what many allude to - 100% true Saint


Think that ringing round Wembley would be awsome and would be well deserved.


True saint and deserves the award.


One Herbie Taylor!

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Herbie and his wife have been invited by Nicola Cortese to be his Boardroom guests tonight which is a nice touch.


He will be on the pitch at half time and they will be re-running a video of him at work that was shown at the awards ceremony.


Will they be given a guided tour :D


Season tickets to new born babies, VIP treatment to lifelong Saints fan/employee .... and saving us from having The Echo botch up breaking news from within The Club .... is there nothing this man can't do ;)


Congrats Herbie, hope the team put on a performance befitting of this special evening for you and make it one to truly remember.

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