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Qatar World Cup wont be held in the Summer


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Fck new places, it should be what's best for the tournament. Fact is, Europe has a huge number of excellent stadia, so they should be used. Continents taking it in turn is a complete waste. Safety, climate, facilities and decent record on racism, sexism, homophobia etc should be prerequisites.


The last world cup saw loads of empty seats, unbearable vuvuzela noise and stadia with little use for the future.


It's ridiculous England has had the world cup just once, and nothing for near 20 years with the facilities, football history, league and strong record for big events. Russia and Qatar. Any tiny grain of respect left for FIFA really died there.


Who decided that it had to be new places? It's our game and Fifa have hijacked it to make it much worse. I loathe them and especially blatter.

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