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Analogies for very large things

Halo Stickman

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Was going to say this - or 'the size of x football pitches / Olympic swimming pools'


Analogy for plane crashes


If you took an olympic size swimming pool and filled it with ping pong balls, all white save one red.


Blindfold somone and get them to jump in and retrieve one ball


if it is red there is a problem with the plane


Repeat the exercise if they pick red again there is a crash

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Is it part of the BBC charter that a double-decker bus must be used as a measuring rod?


To be fair to the BBC, I thought up that first analogy myself – maybe I need to get out more.


Here’s another Wembley one, to which I don’t claim copyright:


If the nucleus of an atom is a grape seed on the centre circle, its electrons are orbiting around the outside of the stadium walls. As everything, and everyone, is made up of atoms, that’s a hell of a lot of empty space.

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I was reading the new GCSE Maths specs on Tuesday morning: it will no longer be necessary to teach conversions and equivalents from metric to imperial measures.


Switched to the local Kent Online newspaper/website to find that a sink hole had appeared in the central reservation of the M2 measuring '5 metres by 2 metres and approximately 15 feet deep'. Duh!

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