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MoPo son in the academy?


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Someone mentioned on the recent 'MoPo' leaving thread that he has stayed living in chilworth because his son is in the saints academy? Is this the case, is he any good, and does this mean we may still MoPo every now again at the training ground?


Seems odd he wouldn't move his kid to Tottenham academy (which can't be that bad).


Was there also rumors that cortese son was in that academy, maybe it will be déjà vu in 30 years time lol!

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thought that strange aswell, would kick him out given his fathers actions

we don't owe them anything and no doubt his kid would up sticks and leave at first chance anyway


Hey you! Kid! Pack your bags, no goodbyes to your friends, your Dad is a knob?


Seems a bit harsh, I have no problem with his kid being here.

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If he's any good, we can hold Pochettino to ransom later when he wants to buy his son to play for him at whichever 'big' club he's managing by then.


By that time he will be a washed up old park bench alcoholic swilling special brew and barking at the moon... in drunken Spanish.

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