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I have 2 in the house and have configured about 15-20 now for F&F. KODI is brilliant


I have this one from Amazon, but there are loads available. https://www.amazon.co.uk/DroidPlayer-Android-Streaming-Media-Player/dp/B00PTC05VS


Code BIGTHANKS gets you £10 off £50 spend just now (Amazon).


Configuration is easy - recommend installing Exodus which will give you TV series + movies galore (Think Netflix, Amazon prime, sky combined + more) Exodus is free


You can also configure for live TV (also easy) I have a subscription to Smash TV (IPTV) and gives me 900 + sky channels. cost is £45 per year. Provides about 100 sports channels and every saints game so far this season.

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Presumably this is all illegal?


I think they recommend that you operate through a VPN for anonymity and peace of mind. You can easily Google Kodi and VPN.


I have a firestick with Kodi and Exodus but haven't used it much so far. Intstallation and configuration was a bit messy and operation is a bit clunky but it's cheap :)

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Since losing the satellite some 2-3years ago, we rely on one for even the basics. Our internet connection gives us between 2-5 mbs (you did read correctly) c**p.


You lucky bar steward...I get 3 mbs at most...Aussie internet ftl.


My mate has it, and can't run it due to the above...

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