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Player Values?


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Can people post here to discuss current player values and how much they believe they've jumped due to performing in the Prem?


The 2 that come to mind are probably Morgan and Lambert.


I'll kick off the debate by suggesting Morgan is worth circa £12 million for his composure and work rate in the prem, a huge return on our investment if we ever look to cash in.


How much are the likes of Lallana, Puncheon and Jos worth do we think?

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Market Value™, of our players Morg has commanded a big fee a. because he qualifies as home grown, b. is quality and c. is at a club that is no longer a selling club.


So £12m is the very minimum I would expect Arsenal to come along with in January, especially considering what Chamberlain commanded....


2 prem goals has clearly seen Lambert's price jump massively (especially after Jewel bid 825k for him at the start of last year), so seeing as Fletcher got 10 prem goals last year and was valued at £14m I think Lambert is probably about £23m, upfront from Liverpool on January the 1st.


This game could go on all day, but as Wolves showed this summer, it is a sellers market. If you hold the player contracts (for more than a year mostly) you can call the shots on stupid transfer prices.

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