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Arctic Monkeys


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Two brilliant albums, then they lost their way.


They didn't really lose their way, they just matured and changed their style. Some changed with them and embraced their new style, others didn't. That's fair enough.


Despite their first album being the classic which everyone will remember, my favourite album is actually their 4th. Seen them 3 times in small venues, and each time they were spectacular and the crowd rocking. Last time I saw them was about 3 years ago however, and I saw their Glasto performance on Youtube and felt they were a bit below par, it looked nowhere near how I remembered them.


So, word.

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I'm a big, big fan.


Saw them at either Islington or the Astoria in '05 with a mate who said I have to see this band. They were amazing. Loved them ever since. Lost count of how many times I've now see them.


It's funny, the third album, Humbug, divides opinion so much yet is definitely my favourite - though Suck it & See is a not too distant second. Didn't actually love AM.


Amongst the best British bands, possibly global, this side of 2000 in my opinion. So yeah, a massive WORD from me.

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