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Saints v WBA match thread

Sheaf Saint

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15 mins gone and only 14 posts on the match thread? Where the hell is everyone today?




If WBA score, then you'll see the usual trolls! Tbf, this has been a pretty average game so far... and WBA looking shocking... Really should win for out top 8 ambitions.


Puncheon has just made "the worst penalty miss ever" according to Jeff and MLT on Sky Sports.




for anyone who wants to see Puncheons penalty loool

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We make a solid start but lack the final ball. They score, we get one back, they score, we get one back, they score and we lose 3-2?


We do look a bit powder-puff so far.


Aye. It feels like one of those games atm.


Someone needs to grab this game by the scruff....come on Lallana!


Plenty of possesion but just seem to lack imagination in the final 3rd


We get the ball back fast, apprroach fast, then hit the 18 yard box and freeze

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