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There is a Canadian guy who wants the Internet to name his daughter for him. Currently the winning name is


Amelia All-Spark McLaughin


I've only just discovered this site this morning and some of the name suggestions are quite amusing. I've submitted the middle name Le Tissier if anyone wants to submit a vote for it. But you only get one vote a day.


Anyway, the website is as per the thread titile http://www.namemydaughter.com

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Surely we should have a concerted campaign to get this man to call his daughter Matthew Le Tissier McLaughlin!


The top name only has 15K votes.


One vote, per day, per member. Make it happen, boys and girls!


I thought about it, but thought I'd be kind. But now it does seem to be the way to go. Le Tissier is just outside the top 200 names on 10 votes at the moment. With a push we can get it up there. 40th place is only on 80 votes!

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Le Tissier is much higher than Matthew giving the impression that random people are voting for Le Tissier not knowing why but just because they like the name?


Splitters like colinjb not going all the way, mush.


I've voted again today :)

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