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Butler on loan?

Legod Third Coming

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Is there a striker out there called Butler?


I would love it, really love it if we played Lambert and Butler up front...


Butler's available, but he'd cost a ****ing PACKET. I'm not sure whether he can play too many MATCHES though. Oops, got hit by the swear FILTER there. :p

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According to Alpine we're 1st Class, or is that (embassy) number 1 in Old Gold money? I expect us to Win(field) most weeks as we're only ever beaten by a Lucky Strike, maybe by Carlton or Chesterfield?

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And what a day out that was. I stayed in the Dorchester in Mayfair. Very Regal it was too.


Really, I stayed just off Pall Mall, around the back of Mayfair with some bird I picked up... what was her name? Oh yes, Virginia - bit on the plump side but I hear she's trying to lose some weight. The landlady said to me "Virginia slims, you know..."


She thought I was a sensational **** whereas sadly, she was a mild seven. Mind you, what with my 'superking' not all the girls can cope. One of them said to me, "You're a lucky sod, hung like a horse and so-branie..."


I said, "Look love, you tootle of back to Kent, I'm off down to Richmond to stay with my old friends the King's."


Well, when I checked she had the Gauloises to follow me down there Four Square behind me. Bloody cheek I thought - I couldn't give a Gitanes about her now...

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