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Last Saints Character


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Of the current team definately Waigo seems to have the most character.


My favourite characters of all time:


Mark Dennis - the "original" psycho!

Ivan Golac - hard as nails and a bit soft in the head!


Special mentions for:









Watson (Gordon)



Van Gobbel


Ekelund & Le Tissier would also be considered to be characters but to me they were more showmen and let their football do the talking.


Sure I have missed loads but memory not as good as it was.


There do seem to be less characters in the game today but that is inevitable as the game has got too serious and jokers may be weeded out for having a suspect attitude.


Probably one of the biggest characters in the game at the moment IMO is Jimmy Bullard but they are few and far between.

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Are we all just naming ex Saints players?

The criteria of 'character' seems to be a little loose judging by some the names mentioned on this thread.


I agree with Glasgow Saint though - Freddy Adu.

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I remember speaking to Nick Holmes, and he said John Burridge was a real nutter. He listened to the same tape on his walkman an hour before every match, and did the same routine. If I remember right, he used to have a gymnastic routine and do all sorts of flips and stuff (unless i'm the one going mad). Terry Hurlock was great too.

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