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Cardiff v Saints - Predictions

the scud

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I think our midfield and forwards have enough about them to score a couple of goals, but our defence is very much a work in progress. I am confident that Killer will whip them into shape, but just not straightaway.


3 - 2 to Cardiff then.

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Gavin Rae(the cardiff midfielder) lives in one of the houses on the site where I am working in Cardiff,and I had quite a long chat to him today(he actually got me my ticket ). Before this chat I really thought the element of surprise and a bit of overconfidence from them would be enough to give us a victory. But he told me that Dave Jones has had people at our last couple of friendlies and has told his team that they are in for a real battle tomorrow because the football we are playing is extremely good. So although the fans seem to be overconfident there will no such ideas from the Cardiff players.With this in mind I think we will do well to get a point .maybe 1-1

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