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Happy 50th Danny Wallace


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And for those that didn't get to see him, here is a very little taste....... Great player



Loved the memory of those two goals. I was 11 and my brother 9 and a dirty plastic Liverpool fan at the time we were watching it on the old portable telly. We had a little scrap on the terraces (my bunk beds) and I got a whack from mother for my troubles.


Two great goals from a great saints player of his time. Happy birthday Danny.

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if anyone feels so inclined, they can donate to his foundation






The Foundation’s vision is to help aid the relief of sickness and preservation of health among people suffering from multiple sclerosis.


To determine what is of great significance to people with or affected by Multiple Sclerosis, providing and assisting in the provision of care, support and assistance for such persons and their families and careers.






The Foundation’s mission is to encourage, inspire and motivate everyone affected by MS to live life to their full potential and have the care and support they may need.


The majority of the funds received goes towards financial assistance and providing essential equipment.

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Whilst with Saints he lived in a semi in Wakefield Road, Bitterne Park near my grandparents - how times have changed! He was a great player for Saints, livewire doesn't cover it - pace, agility, and determination, a heady mix. Also for a tiny little bloke he was dynamite in the air, and brave with it! Fond memories seeing Moran and Wallace come through the ranks, would love them both in this side now, what in modern parlance might be called impact players.


Happy 50th Danny!...

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Back in the 80's a friends Mum (who was a big Saints fan) was in Southampton General feeling a bit poorly. He sent a get-well card to the club and asked if they could get some of the players to sign it.


A few days later in walked Danny with a large bunch of flowers. Really made her day.

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