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Gazza's goal against Scotland or Le Tissier's against Newcastle?

Bad Wolf

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LeTiss obviously. Gazza only flicked it past the last defender, whereas MLT controlled the ball that was passed behind him by a flick of his heal, clipped it past one defender all before he flicked it over the last defender.


No contest

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I still think MLT's v Newcastle is the most unique and possibly the best individual goal I've ever seen.


Gazza's is more comparable with MLT at Anfield when he turns the defender inside out. The MLT newcastle goal is a different class starting from so far back and involving 3 outrageous pieces of skill, timing and composure.


"most unique"! tut, tut.


MLT's obviously. Agree probably the best I've seen and its context helped make it special.

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MLT's - a far more complex set of movements and control.


Gazza's was wonderful and part of a superb tournament - the last decent England tournament and atmosphere in the country - but just not as special in itself.

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Do you really have to ask? If your missus thinks Gazza, you've got the wrong missus. If you think Gazza, then you're very confused at best.


I, of course was saying Le God's. She was saying I was biased towards it because it was him who scored it and it was for Saints. I just think MLT's goal had a lot more to it than Gazza's. I'd say that no matter who I supported

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Gascoigne's finish was cleaner, struck the ball true but had far more space and a kinder start to the opportunity. Had MLT not scuffed the finish it may well have gone straight at the 'keeper.... yet his back-heel to begin the chance was exceptional.


On balance, Le Tissier.

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