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Really hope Arsenal give Everton the complete pasting they deserve.


Not working out quite as he planned anymore.


And next week I'll even be willing on Nivea to knock a few past the dugout pioneers...


Lose the next couple and 'the bluenoses' - another fine example of scouse wit at it's best - will not be happy with Ronald MacDonald

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Bournemouth will beat us, convinced of it


If its anything like last seasons game most likely. Bournemouth will be well up for their biggest home game of the season while everyone at saints will just feel a bit meh about the whole thing. Our players and fans will turn up not giving a crap because its not a derby and its against the rule of cool to show any dislike to Bournemouth. Their players will run themselves in to the ground to win the big Derby ours will be dreaming of their Christmas dinner...

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