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My girlfriend.


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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills
She's got 3 kidneys.


Can anyone beat that?


I've got six. They will form part of a mixed grill tonight.

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LOL at Essruu wasting 1 of his posts on a completely redundant (to anyone with an eye for self-deprecation) remark.


LOL@ Pancake for thinking I give a f**k about a f**king post on a f**king internet messageboard, or what f**k he thinks, the stupid f**k icon_rolleyes.gif

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My friend Denzil who posts on here has 9 toes, consisting of 3 big toes and 6 little toes, quite impressive, especially as he is not from P*rtsmouth.


Damn, only one post left, better make it a good one.


One thing you and Diesel do have in common Stuey..............Tight ****s!:smt019:smt043:smt043:smt023

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