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RIP Victoria Wood


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Real shame. Not really my kind of humour but a really likeable figure. I saw a tv crew filming on Hungerford pedestrian bridge a couple of years ago and peered at the presenter to see if it was anyone I recognised. She saw me looking and gave me a big smile and a little wave. RIP

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Well slap me on the bottom with the Women's Weekly!


What a genuinly talented lady and what a sad loss. At her best I can think of few funnier or more original comedians. Although not everyone's 'cup of tea' I suppose methinks that 'Dinnerladies' was a work of near genius and perhaps the best sit-com of its era. Victoria wrote and starred in it of course, but he way she made sure her co-stars in that wonderful ensemble cast got most of the best lines speaks of a generosity of spirit that is rare indeed.


And if you didn't laugh at her iconic 'Acorn Antiques' then there's just no hope for you.

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An obituary on here for a female comic. The times they are a changin.

This made me actually laugh out loud.


Have to say was one of those celebrity deaths which do feel like a mini shock. Clearly we weren't ready for her to leave us just yet.


A supreme talent and very hard-worker. She's the kind of person I'd want my daughters to aspire to be.

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