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Mane, players didnt want to pass to him!!

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Wanyama didn't want to pass to any of our players from what I recall of his distribution skills ( er.....;) )


yeah if true Mane wasn’t very bright, you would never want to rely on Wanyama to find you with a pass.

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At least he wasn't slagging us off, seems to have enjoyed his time here. Nice mention of Morgan too. Those were really good days for fans. Sadly they have passed by far too quickly.


One day we will have another great team as the wheel of fickle fortune keeps turning.

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On the nostalgia theme, I recall with amusement and amazement the early training camp where Poch made the players run over hot coals in their bare feet as part of mind training. Great video that, we should dig it our sometime. Even then it felt like we had the 'extra special' one here who would achieve great things.

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