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Caroline Dineage


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Fred's daughter standing as a Tory Candidate for Gosport.


First of all doesn't use her married name.


Must assume she thinks associating with the ex Director of PFC, friend of the Krays and 'International TV Celeb' will give her a degree of gravitas and pull in bucketful of votes from the Daily mail readers in Gosport


To enhance her image, poster sites have be showing her beaming face with one or two enhancements (ie crows feet removed/teeth straightened and whitened)


Anyone on here able to do a proper job on her publicity material ie give her Uncle Fred's comb over??

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She's a Tory and daddy's a skate - not got a lot going for her !


She will obviously be highlighted as one of David Cameron's achievers , how she overcame a significant social disadvantage - ie from a family of skates - to become a Tory MP.Good luck to her.

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They were just saying on R5 that her election poster has been heavily airbrushed a la David Cameron.


A load of fuss over nothing, virtually every picture you see in print has been enhanced in some way. The designers wouldn't be doing their job right if they were not.

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