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Analysis: Katharina Liebherr's ascent to the Southampton helm


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After a turbulent 48 hours at Southampton Football Club, I was told by my editor that I was needed to provide a piece on everything that's happened lately (not much, eh :lol:), and take the story back to the start, when Markus took over in 2009. I've summarised, best as I can...


1 - The Liebherr Era - (2009-present)

2 - Cortese's impact on the club

3 - The club's progression

4 - Katharina Liebherr's arrival

5 - The potential future of the club



I hope you find the read enjoyable and informative. It is a long one, but I put a fair bit of time into this one.


Hope I've summarised it and not left anything glaringly obvious out. Think I've given a fair appraisal and am quite pleased with the piece, personally.




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