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Stupidest bet you've ever placed?


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Betting on Hakan Sukur as top scorer in 2002 was pretty silly - Turkey got to the semis, and I'd spotted they had an easy run - but they were in Brazil's group and every win Turkey racked up, Brazil won by more. In addition, Sukur had a personal nightmare and got dropped for Ilhan Mansiz, and failed to score until the 3rd/4th place match, when he buried one in the first 15 seconds of the match. Mind you, he was 40/1.


Also, I rushed to the bookies just prior to the kick off of North Korea v Portugal in 2010 to get a bet on "no goalscorer" at 9/1 after the North Koreans' decent losing performance against Brazil. Put the bet on, started watching the match seconds later, there was a deluge, which always leads to goals and Portugal scored in the first minute or so. Portugal won 7-0 I think.


I bet on the Dutch to win HT and FT against Andorra in WC Qualifying on Betfair at 1,000/1 - the long odds being because there was only about 30 seconds of the first half left and it was still 0-0. That was a very quick way to lose a fiver, and it might even have been the case that it was ALREADY HT when I placed the bet.


I also had a bet on Mix Diskerud to score at any time for the US last night at about 14/1, even though he hadn't been used at all in the tournament so far. In my defence, he came on and played quite a few of their pre-tournament games and made a good impact.

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Any bet in the mid 90's on Fulham to win. They messed up otherwise winning accumulators 3 times in a month, twice by letting in last minute goals. Their relegation this season has almost made up for it.


Gave up betting on this World Cup after putting my relatively modest winnings from a few of the opening games on Spain to beat Chile.

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