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    Stamp Duty

    All I can say is that I feel sorry for Turkish's wife.
  2. Starmer is a sneaky prick but a lame boxing effort isn't something to pull him up on. All politicians do this silly stuff during election time.
  3. I said the same thing about Redmond a little while back.
  4. Props to Stephens, despite his flaws he stepped up.
  5. I need to uninstall the BBC app. Sends me updates 30 seconds before it finishes on the Sky stream
  6. Being piss poor isn't reason to send someone off though. Felt like the ref wanted to punish the mistake. Commentators now saying it was for "denying a goal scoring opportunity." He got the ball! Ffs
  7. Well here we go again. Starting to feel like masochism now.
  8. Maybe Ralph should revisit that formation seeing as we've been utterly shyte in 2021.
  9. Didn't some of our good form in 2020 coincide with a 3-5-2 sort of formation or did I dream that?
  10. Stay Woke everyone. Racism and Covid are the PC brigade trying to control us 🙄
  11. Keep telling yourself that 😅
  12. Whenever there's a thread about injustice towards black people you can guarantee without fail, there'll be Turkish (and people like Scally) posting again and again against the whole idea of it. But they ain't racist guv.
  13. Why no Saints game this weekend? 🤬
  14. I'd agree with what everyone has said so far But why can't Ralph get the wheels back on? Romeu was fantastic before his injury but surely the whole thing doesn't fall apart when him or Ings, or KWP are injured.
  15. Still hard to explain our Champions League form for all of 2020?
  16. And all five of those players have some pretty significant flaws in their games.
  17. I'm at Fat Sam stage now. Never thought it would come to that 😳
  18. So harsh, the Spurs player gets the shot away and the foot follows through onto Djenepo's leg.
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