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    Default Saints Player

    A friend has this and says it gives you good access to games and many other channels, really cheap.
    Anyone else got a heads up on it? seemed too good to be true

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    I've had it for a while now it's the best I've come across. Firstly the cost go to there are a variety of subscriptions from a free 24 hr trial (no sport) to a year £70. I don't know how much but it does a multi room subscription as well. My son has it on two smart tvs.

    The service is brilliant. I have it on a windows laptop and a Samsung smart tv. The laptop accesses either through the premium player usually 1, or the IPTV Smarters app. The reception is brilliant and the coverage is enormous. for example on a Sat every, Premier, Championship, League 1 and 2 matches. I kid you not.

    Other than football it literally has hundreds of tv stations, thousands of movies, similar to Prime/Netflix, hundreds of series etc.

    The smart tv works from either Samsung the nanomid app or other smart tvs IPTV Smarters app. I use the nanomid app which is Sky HD quality with no buffering at all.

    It also works on every type of games receivers, phones, ipads etc, android tablets/phones. SP supply random user name, password and URL to access the preferred service.

    There is a contact on the home page and they come back very quickly.

    I am really impressed with it.

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    Agree with Derry on all points - now they’ve changed the streaming service it’s much much better with little buffering. I do find there’s more of an issue when using it at home on my iPad and Virgin cable for some reason.

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    Thanks, it does seem a bargain as my Sky subscription costs 60+ a month.

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    Can you clarify what you get that is saints related. Does it give you legal live streaming of all Saints matches for example?

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    Is it OK to use or do we have to use it via a super secure VPN via Saudi Arabia ??

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    Best to go to the site and read the information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Wayman View Post
    Can you clarify what you get that is saints related. Does it give you legal live streaming of all Saints matches for example?
    There’s no such thing as “legal live streaming” you just go through all the games that are on at the time and find the mighty saints ⚪️⚪️

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