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Where's everyone sitting for THE game?


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I normally sit in the chapel, will Wembley allow me to take a thermos flask and tartan blanket into the cheap seats ? Also after viewing all the Paint Pot trophy flags etc in the club shop I feel that Saints have missed a trick by not selling Damart type thermal underwear with Saints logo's for us more mature type fans...:-)

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524-527 on my tod, so anyone sitting next to me better be slim. :-)


Stupid ****ing mobile reception, she kept saying "I can't hear you, you're breaking up, I'll have to cut you off!" **** that, I was almost pleading at one stage.


Anyway, it's done. If they go to general sale next week, I'll get 4 more (as I could only get one) and flog this one! :-)


Props to the OP with that number. Beerage from all I should think...

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When the lady asked where I wanted to sit, I just said I didn't care, as long as I bloody get a ticket. I don't know whether my understanding of the difference in the £24 and £34 ticket seats is correct, but I chose the £34 ticket as she told me it was close to the centre line. Which is good, because in SMS terms, I prefer being in the Kingsland. (As I will be tomorrow and vs Hartlepool.)

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Me and two mates are sitting in 528 - 531.:p


For THE game, tomoz v Huddersfield, I am in Block 36 BB



For that other game ... I'm in with all this morning's other desperadoes and reprobates ... 528 - 531 ... I shall be bringing my attitude and my volume, make sure you all bring your's too.



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