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Confirmed: Redkcrap new Spurs manager


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To be fair to Portsmouth though, I wonder how much Tony Adams was responsible for their recent successes???


We might find out soon.


Hadn't considered the prospect of Harry taking Tony Adams with him ,that would **** the yids faithful off.

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i'm sooooooo glad i decided not to have an early night!!!!!


this is just f*cking fantastic news!!!!!!! couldn't have happened to 2 more deserving clubs!!!


i'm gonna be laid in bed laughing to myself now!!! :smt005


(i can't make up my mind if it's the fact that Spurs now have the great 'arry as their manager, or that Poopey have been left high n dry by the mercenary t*at they hailed as their messiah that i find most amusing!!!! )


can't wait to hear what the blue few have got to say about this when they wake up 2moro morning!!!






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LOL at Redknapp saying 'we' when talking about spurs , he has only been there 2 minutes


Hardly managed the "we" during his time with us though,which emphasises yet again what a tragic mismarriage of convenience Lowe and Redkrapp were.


Sorry,that perhaps is too main board.

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Must admit I didn't see this one coming. Never forgave him after he ****ed off to you lot & came back saying this was going to be his last job blah blah blah blah. They're welcome to each other, I just hope that they still hover around the bottom 3 and get relegated. :smt036


Once a Judas **** always a Judas ****.

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The weather outside is s**t but who cares becasuse as far as I'm concerned it is a warm summers day, just thinking about all the skates crying into their cornflakes! I couldn't believe it when I found out. I really hope Pompey get Spurs at home in the FA Cup just to see what sort of reception he gets.

No doubt cr@p Ho will be on here going on about how these billionairres are getting ready to buy the club and they want to appoint some big name boss.

A truly super Sunday! :smt046


PS. The fire sale of Pompeys players should now follow in January!

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I don't know which makes me laugh the most, when they read out the emails on SSN, is it the Spurs fans who are delighted they've got him or the skates who are putting on a brave face! Loads of "Thanks Harry, good luck." ones being read out, mind you I suppose they can only read out the ones without swear words in! :D

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Had to laugh at his interview on SSN last night. He has already started his fogging tactics by announcing that Popmey effectively sold him for £5m and that they need the money so bad that he had no choice. Sort of trying to make out that he would have been happy to stay but he loves Pompey that much that it was the decent thing to do.


He's like that slippery eel that always wriggling away looking for an escape route.


He's got a very good amount of time to sort Spurs out and I hope he fails and the media will see him for the lying, manipulating mercenary that he is.


All in my humble opinion of course.

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