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Cortese intends to return as chairman of another Premier League club - Ashton


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"Cortese, who intends to return to St Mary’s as chairman of another Barclays Premier League club, faces a massive compensation battle with Liebherr."


From Cortese's favourite journalist


What an odious little ****. Literally anything that can be spun negatively in that article has been. Pochettino's 'watertight contract'? Owner living in a 'tax haven'?



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Who really cares. He was a chairman ffs. He clearly has small man syndrome.




If someone gave me £150m i could get any league 1 club to mid table prem! Especially if they already have players like Shaw, Lallana, Morgan and Davis!! Life is much easier when youre spending other peoples money

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Haven't Sunderland just parted company with a chief executive ?


Another amusing possibility is Newcastle. Mike Ashley is probably someone who would believe the tabloid hype about NC's miraculous powers. Sure NC would jump at the opportunity, to sack Pardew a second time.

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