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60s/70s Totty

Polaroid Saint

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I have collated all of the important information from the Transfers thread.


Raquel Welch


Jane Fonda (particularly as Barbarella)


Susan George


Bridget Bardot


Lesley-Anne Down


Julie Christie


Jenny Agutter


Farah Fawcett


Brit Ekland


Felicity Kendall


Jane Seymour

Grace Kelly

Sally Field

Joanna Lumley

Wendy Craig

Fenella Fielding

Ursula Andress

Olivia Newton John

Madeline Smith (my own crush)



Late 70s into the 80s: Kathleen Turner Sigourney Weaver and Gina Davis.


Oh, and not forgetting the fabulous Hattie Jacques (iansums likes 'em big)


Rachel Stevens got a mention too. Which is always fair.


Thank goodness, I have fun out of image uploads per post or something. I can stop now. My wrist hurts.*




* from cut n pasting.

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jane Seymour in live & let die




Id still smash that now



Hands off! She's mine!


Polariod, would you be kind enough to post up some photo's of Diana Rigg in a catsuit, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and the fit bird that played Daisy Duke (although that may have been the 80's?). also Gina Lollobrigida was a tidy sort. I'd post up pic's myself, but I'm sat in a boring meeting and looking at this thread on my phone is much better.

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1977 was a long time ago but I have a vague recollection of a couple of things about Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep that aroused my interest






Not a good thread to get involved with the day Mrs Wurzel goes off to spend a week at her sisters - it's going to be a hard 7 days at this rate

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