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Guess the starting 11 - 2001 FA Cup game at Brighton


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It took me 10 minutes to get 6 correct - 2 CB's, 2 midfielders and 2 attackers. Having looked at the answers I've now seriously injured myself as punishment for being such a thick ***.


I'd advise you not to read the responses if you don't want the answers!

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I got 6 in 2 minutes, but then got stuck. Missed a couple easy ones but there was one on there I never would've guessed...


If it's the player I think you're talking about, then it would have to be a total statto that gets it.

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I got all of them apart from Tessem. Scott McDonald was ****ing ****e, from what I remember.


Scott McDonald was excellant that game, I couldn't understand why he was sidelined by GS after seeing his performance that night. He was strong fully of running, technically sound and I was looking forward to him breaking through to the side. But GS had other ideas.

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I missed 4, got the rest in 3 minutes. The one that I was most suprised at forgetting was D---- at right back, I should've remembered that more than missing M------- up front, especially as I'm playing CM2003-4 at the moment and he's on there...

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Got them all apart from Davies, Svensson and McDonald.


I'm pretty sure that the RB is wayyyyy out of position!



That's 3 you've helped people out with... ;-)


Sadly I do remember us playing him at right back a lot. Waste of his talent IMO, what little he has...

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