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FFS Lawro.......


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Not surprising, if we get through we'd be the 4th highest team at worst. So depending on draw, maybe 3rd favourites.


This, we are 8th in the league, only two of the top two will be left in the next round so if we get through we'll be either 3rd of 4th highest prem team left in depending on Everton.


Man Utd and Spurs are already out and Arsenal/Man City/Chelsea will have the champions league to deal with as well.

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He's made his predictions against Zac Effron this week, who admits right at the start that he knows almost nothing about football, and Zac's predictions make an awful lot more sense. Lawro will never predict more that 3 goals in a game, usually in a 2-1, but surely 2-0 for the Liverpool-Chelsea game is crazy?

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